Thoughts: First Day of Snowfall

my view of the winter wonderland from my window.
my view of the winter wonderland from my window.

Today is the first snowfall where I live!

Before moving to Canada, I had never seen snow before. Hong Kong just doesn’t have that kind of weather. I remember in elementary school when I experienced my first winter in Canada. I was bundled up in so much winter attire that my teacher took the whole recess helping me put on everything, only to help me take it all off after I stood outside for one minute in the remainder of break time.

I used to love snow as a child. It was so fun to have snowball fights, go sledding, or make snowmen, snow angels, or igloos (Ha, another Canadian stereotype). And as I entered middle school, I enjoyed winter sports such as ice-skating, skiing, and snowboarding.

Upon entering high school, snow seemed less great. It more or less began to “get in the way” as I began to grow up.

But the first day of snowfall? I think that will always be well-received no matter how much older I get. It’s always the first day that everyone gets excited about. You don’t worry about getting sick, or transit issues, or any other kinds of troubles that snow  causes. You look out the window and see this glorious winter wonderland and it’s absolutely breath-taking. And at that moment, you just love snow.

It’s like it just hits you right there when you see it. “Winter is here”. Everything is covered in this creamy layer of white and the world looks so perfectly serene and peaceful. You feel so calm and life feels so refreshing. And then you start thinking about Christmas and how wonderfully a snowy scenery fits into the festive spirit of the holidays.

People who hate snow don’t actually hate snow- they just don’t like the effects of it. And let’s face it, snow definitely does impose some risks and inconveniences for our busy, every day lives.

But if we take a minute to just look outside or step outside, we can all see the beauty of snow for what it is.

The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found?

– J. B. Priestley

Update on wisdom teeth: the swelling is starting to go down! I begin to see hints of my dimples returning to my face. Yay for snow, now everyone can stay at home like me.




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