To My Readers and Family

Wishing everyone a merry Christmas from the Chan sisters!
Wishing everyone a merry Christmas from the Chan sisters!

Happy holidays! I hope everyone is having a wonderful time celebrating with friends and loved ones.

In recent years my family has stopped decorating our house with Christmas lights and we don’t even put up the tree anymore. We also don’t really get each other gifts or anything. Our household is not as festive as it used to be before we moved to a smaller house. At first I was a little disappointed as we slowly withdrew from the festivities but now we have our own little new traditions. Instead of going out with other families and trying to stay up to catch Santa in action, we have a Chan clan mah-jong tournament (it’s a 4-player Chinese game involving tiles, strategy, calculation, and luck) and order takeout and just pig out all day.

Now that I think about it… I believed in Santa Claus all the way up to seventh grade. It feels a little sad to have outgrown that magical outlook on Christmas. But at the same time I feel like I have gained a better insight on the importance of family. And how difficult it can be just to get everyone together.

I’d like to say thank you to my family in this post for their continuing unconditional love for me. I am someone who puts up a strong front to other people and then break down when I am at home. As a result, a lot of my negative feelings or mood swings are pushed towards my family. I had always thought that it was safe for me to vent out my feelings to my family because they would be the people who will accept me for all my flaws and forgive me. But I realized recently that that is not always the case for everyone else. And I have been taking their patience for granted. My family and especially my parents have been a huge pillar of support for me this past year, more than ever before.

A lot of my friends spend Christmas with their boyfriends or girlfriends. And if one of them goes away for the holidays, they always complain to me about how lonely their Christmas will be. I’ve never really understood that kind of feeling since for me, Christmas is always  a holiday spent with the family.

Either way, I hope everyone is enjoying their winter vacations and getting ready to wrap up 2012!

Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

– Norman Vincent Peale

Updates: My face is no longer swelled from wisdom teeth and I can eat anything I want now, but it’s still bruising so my face is this queasy-looking yellow-green. Also, I went snowboarding a few days ago and my body is still sore from that… will post up pictures of the glorious snowy hills another day!




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