Thoughts: Snowboarding

I told myself I wasn’t going to go boarding this year because I went on a ski trip to Big White last year with some friends. But with some persuasion from my friends I decided to go on a one day trip to Grouse this year. It was a lot of fun even though we had to transit all the way there. I wish I had brought some goggles though, visibility wasn’t too clear when we got up.

I think people who are good at snowboarding are really cool. I really admire them. I have been snowboarding for quite a number of years now but I still haven’t mastered the art of carving . I just go pendulum style all the way down… haha. It’s a sport that I’ve always wanted to improve in but never really invested in (no gear, no seasons pass, how to improve?)

But here I am sitting in my room fantasizing about how cool it would be if I was pro and had my own board and seasons pass. Then I could just go up and snowboard on weekends (the view of the city is amazing!) or whenever I felt like it. Especially in the winter, Canada gets a lot of fresh snow too.

If I were to ever buy gear I would want to buy a really cool looking one. None of that white, purple, pink, kiddy designs with flowers and hearts. Maybe something in red, hehe.

But that’s just me fantasizing. My body just recovered from being sore from this one-day trip.

If you’re living in a location where snowboarding or skiing is a possible recreation, I definitely encourage you to take lessons and try it! It’s an amazing feeling to go down a slope (even if you’re not that good).

I’m wishing everyone a safe boxing week and check out some of the pictures I took up at the mountain and lodge.

All of a sudden you have this feeling of clarity. Backcountry snowboarding has really done a lot to boost that feeling in me.

– Craig Kelly




3 thoughts on “Thoughts: Snowboarding

  1. Keep on snowboarding! One way to improve on your carving is to NOT BE AFRAID of falling =P Once you get over the fear of falling, your turns will become easier and easier.
    I’ve been snowboarding since grade 7? It’s so funn! But terribly expensive =(

    1. Yeah it’s an expensive hobby but I feel like it’s worth the investment if you’re good at it. I’m not too scared of falling, but I’m really scared I’ll fall in a weird position and break my legs or something.

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