Thoughts: “Canada is beautiful!”

I’m not quite sure what has gotten into me lately, but it seems like I have been saying this phrase quite a lot recently: “Canada is beautiful!”

I transit to campus and I have always commuted but for some reason, lately the world just seems more beautiful to me.

This semester I have a lot of later classes. My earliest class starts at 10:30 am, and my latest class goes until 8:30 pm. Because I have classes that start later now, I get to wake up at the best times. Often times, people think mornings and sunrises are beautiful… and they are. But the mornings in my recollection mostly have fog, clouds, and even darkness. Early afternoons however, the sun is definitely out by then. There are always exceptions though, of course.

And because I stay at campus from afternoon to night, I get to see the sunset which is absolutely stunning from my school. The university I go to is situated on a mountain, and all throughout first year that fact has never really amazed me. But now I get to watch a glorious sunrise where the sky turns into a beautiful blend of warm hues of pinks and orange. I get to see clouds floating all around below like my school is some castle in the sky. I get to see white, snowy tips of other mountain tops. And in the outskirts and corners of campus, I get to see a starry lit sky at night. And the wonderful thing is that I feel so close to the sky (even though I know I’m not really, haha).

Even today while I was walking back to my house from the bus stop, all the streets were shrouded in a layer of fog. I was surprised because on campus there wasn’t a hint of fog. It was dark except for the streetlights that accented black tree branches and empty sidewalks but the fog was so thick that the cars on the roads looked like they were driving into another universe. It felt a little spooky but mystical at the same time.

I usually bring my camera around everywhere, but it’s hard to take pictures of what I see in my world everyday.  Sometimes  I  cross the street to the bus stop in the mornings and I see a clear view of mountains in the far distance. Sometimes I see the gold glow on empty tree  branches when I am walking to class. And it’s inconvenient to whip out my camera and take pictures in quick moments like those. And like the foggy nights that seem to be recurring in my town now, cameras just don’t do the trick. Maybe it’s because I lack lighting or a professional camera or photography skills, but many times I feel that what I see is not capable of being captured into a picture.

I haven’t blogged in a while, but at least now you all know what I am doing. I’m just coming back and forth from school to house saying “Canada is beautiful!” to every friend I see. And they all laugh and say things like, “the sunset happens everyday, Loewe” or “have you never seen stars before?” and even “did you just immigrate?”

Even I think it’s strange how I’m making such a big deal about it. I mean all this stuff has always been around. But I just started noticing it. For the first time ever I’m beginning to see how beautiful my world is.

I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, “This is what it is to be happy.”

– Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

Please take a look at the photos I took of today’s sunset! (Completely unedited… except for my name at the bottom corners!)




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