DIY Home Fondue

Home Chocolate Fondue

April passed by in a blur with exams, post-exam retail therapy, and beautiful spring weather! Everybody around me is trying to fully utilize our 2-week break before the summer semester starts (this is my excuse for only blogging once in all of April!)

Yesterday my two friends and I met up and attempted a home chocolate fondue party! AND IT WAS A HUGE SUCCESS. I may never go downtown for chocolate fondue ever again. It’s super easy and cheap to make it at home.

My friend purchased a Hershey’s chocolate fondue kit:

chocolate fondue (1)

Following the instructions on the back, we broke up the pieces of chocolate into a small pot and melted it by placing it in a larger pot of hot water. After adding in 1/2 cup of heavy cream, it was good to go! Unexpectedly, my friend had a fondue set. I was actually just expecting to have a melted pot of chocolate in the middle of the table, but she had an actual fondue holder for it. Looking at it in the picture (and also real life), it doesn’t seem like much chocolate but we didn’t end up finishing it (there was actually quite a lot).

chocolate fondue (2)

Our fruits of choice were strawberries, blackberries, and bananas. I used my fruit ninja skills and sliced them up. Also, we baked a simple banana bread that took around half an hour. Along with some sprinkles and gummy bears, and our DIY home chocolate fondue was finished! Everything took at most an hour and a half but it looked so legitimate with everything set up just like they do in stores. I’ve never attended “high-tea” downtown or anything like that. The closest thing I can come up with is pretend tea-parties when I was a child. But sitting down around a nicely set table with my two girl friends, pouring each other tea was a very nice experience. It all felt very feminine and girly.

fruits and banana bread

The older I get, the more often I find ways to have fun using less money. I highly recommend people to try this out! The fondue holder itself doesn’t cost that much- my friend said she purchased it for $20.

I hope everyone is enjoying the refreshing spring weather!




2 thoughts on “DIY Home Fondue

  1. Wow, this looks wonderful! I will definitely give this a shot when I get back in Vcity (where I actually know people who enjoy fondue :3). Enjoy the rest of your break!

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