Thoughts: If Starbucks was a Person

Introducing: “Stephanie”.

Stephanie is an undergraduate Arts & Social Science student intending to concentrate in English and Communications. She is not certain on her career path yet, but she knows what she will find her passion as she continues to invest time and effort into activities she enjoys.

Her main interests are writing, music, and fashion. Stephanie frequently spends time in local coffee stores writing her essays because she enjoys the relaxed atmosphere (and she needs the caffeine). Aside from academic papers, Stephanie partakes in creative writing in her free time. Her music tastes lean towards mainstream top 40 or the indie genre. She has some other playlists as well, and she is often listening to music. It really depends on her mood and who she’s with. Stephanie also cares quite a bit about her appearance. She is an avid shopper and prioritizes style and trends over price. Stephanie also prefers certain brand over others and is a supporter of membership cards and loyalty programs.

Stephanie is a friendly person and can be considered a social butterfly (even though sometimes she gets peoples’ names wrong). She loves to talk and hang out with friends. She meets high urges to socialize but still somehow manages to maintain her grades. She is also an active user of social media- Instagram being the platform she uses the most.

As a general outlook in life, Stephanie values variety and believes that personal relationships with others go a long way. She enjoys a somewhat fast-paced lifestyle, but appreciates regular breaks to slow down.

Lookbook by Jessica R.

Disclaimer: These are just my random thoughts and perceptions on Starbucks.


To Loewe:

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