Sincerely Loewe is back!

Sincerelyloewe is back after a summer hiatus!

Regrettably, I ended up neglecting the blog near the end of summer when group projects, reports, and finals tumbled down on me. My last post dates back to June (how I wish I could go back to that weather) and it’s already September now. A lot of things has happened over the course of the last 2 months or so and I already find myself settling back into the routine lifestyle of University once again. As a third year student now, I know my schedule will get a lot more hectic this year whether it be academic responsibilities, club commitments, and work. I also have a lot of planning to do regarding post-University. However, I don’t wish to shut down this blog since I still think it’s a lovely way for me to express my thoughts and experiences. I’ll try my best to keep up my blogging schedule, but there will probably be a slower flow of posts throughout this year.

Moving on, a quick recap on my summer break:

  • My younger sister had her birthday and turned 18!
  • My 1-year term as the Director of Public Relations for The Student Marketing Association (SMA) began. It’s a lot more work than I initially thought, but as expected the experience itself is very rewarding, educational, and fun (at least, so far!)
  • The Chan Clan went on our annual family road trip. This year’s location: Portland.
  • I attended SMA’s annual summer camping trip at Manning Park. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous and the cabins we stayed in were very nice (like a mini-hotel). Activities included canoeing, hiking, cooking/cleaning, games, etc.
  • I went camping with my high-school friends as well. It reminded me a lot of when we planned our first camping trip back in 2011 (grad-camp). It’s hard to notice in everyday life, but we have all continued to grow up. Some parts of us have changed a lot, some a little, and some not at all.
  • I volunteered as an Orientation Leader for my school’s Orientation program. My group consisted of mostly 3rd-4th years in Business on exchange! It was really exciting to meet students from Denmark, Netherlands, and Singapore.

Feel free to check out some of the pictures in the gallery above. I hope everyone had a great summer break as well and is all geared up for Fall. Look forward to more Sincerelyloewe soon!




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