Thoughts: 7 Halloween Costumes I Want to Try

Halloween is this Thursday! I have a lot of fond memories about Halloween. I believe I have dressed up every year since I came to Canada and I still love to dress up for it. Growing up in elementary school, I was basically just a princess every year (with a different dress, courtesy to Mama Chan). It wasn’t until 5th grade that I started to venture out to other costumes. My list of past costumes include Minnie Mouse, Mario, Hogwarts student, angel, devil, and more that I have probably forgotten. This year I’m going to be a pirate and only because of a sole reason: I have a pirate hat that I purchased a long time ago for $2. I don’t go all out on costumes. If possible, I choose based on the contents of my wardrobe and then expand from there. At most, I spend $10 on some sort of accessory or necessary colored-top to complete the costume. The key word here is easy. I’m not sure how many more years I have to dress up for Halloween and not feel an ounce of embarrassment, but here is a list of 7 costumes that I still want to try out (and are relatively easy for me!):

  1. Tinkerbelltinkerbell

Alright, this one is actually not going to be easy because I have nothing in my closet that resembles that shade of green (or any green for that matter). The wings also prove to be a nuisance later on. But since I love Tinkerbell, it still makes it onto my list.

2. Sailor


I actually really like sailor-style clothing. I think the combination of white, blue, and red look very classic. I wouldn’t mind investing in some high-waist shorts or red heels. I’ve never been too big on gold jewelery (all of mine are silver) so it’s not a bad idea to buy some as well.

3. Snow White


I have a collar necklace and a red bow headband, so all I’d really be missing is a blue skirt and a yellow top. I’m not sure about the yellow top, but a blue skirt would be a very versatile asset to my wardrobe.

4. Army girl


I prefer to wear this costume with a group of friends, since it’s something easy for everyone. I have the military-style boots and a vest, so basically I have everything. I’m not too hyped up about buying studded or spiked jewelry and bags though.

5. Girls Generation


This probably doesn’t count as a well-known costume. But I am a fan of pink and white so I probably wouldn’t mind buying another varsity jacket even though I already have one in red. The pink sneakers look really pretty too.

6. Referee


I have a pair of black Adidas runners that I LOVE so this would be great and super comfortable.

7. Hello Kitty


Again, I feel like I can use a lot more dark blue outfits and red shoes. It just so happens that Hello Kitty has the same color palette as sailor.

Honestly… the most important thing is shoes! As long as they are comfortable and match with the costume, I think I am set to go.

I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!




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