Movies: Gravity

Warning: Spoilers!

I recently watched Gravity (2013). The movie is about Ryan Stone, a female Mission Specialist working on a space shuttle in outer space. If you have watched the trailer, you would know that it consists of her floating off into space alone after getting detached somehow. From watching the trailer, I told myself that it would be boring. And in a sense, it was.

There was little dialogue between her and the other characters (before they eventually died off) and like I assumed, the majority of the movie was about her floating around in space. There were some explosions and events that happened, but overall it wasn’t that action-packed. I went in expecting a typical sci-fi movie, but I realized the film was more on the other side of the spectrum. In that sense, I liked it.

You have to learn to let go.

First of all, the visuals in this movie was amazing. I know a lot of my friends complained about feeling dizzy during the movie. My stomach also felt it for a few moments in the beginning, but it wasn’t that uncomfortable for me. I thought it was amazing how they managed to film it like that. The screen kept spinning and rotating as if I was actually floating in space. The far-off audio contrasted to a suffocating silence made the experience all the more realistic. Of course, the Earth looked beautiful as well.

The movie was a scary one. It was scary because everybody died right at the beginning (the scene with the dead bodies floating in space…). And it was also scary because it’s space. I think this is one of the aspects the film did a really good job in portraying. There’s no one out there. There is nobody to hear you scream, nobody to know your oxygen tank is low, nobody to help you. Everything is like this bottomless pit of darkness that swallows your tiny existence. It’s almost like a nightmare- you try to run, try to yell, try to get away and it’s no use. You are paralyzed. It also doesn’t help that Stone is technically a noob when it comes to space travel.

The movie was sad. Stone has to deal with the sudden death of all her co-workers. She has to watch her savior sacrifice his life in order for her to live. She had unresolved, internal issues concerning the death of her daughter. She said she liked space because of the silence. Before her eyes is a magnificent, killer view of the Earth… a view that probably cannot be beat. It is a beautiful but also lonely view. Space felt like this large middle-zone between Earth and heaven. In the end, it was still a place where she felt alone.

I watched this movie and I felt a lot of negative emotions. I felt very lonely and sad. It really made me remember a time when I felt like I was just drowning in darkness. It made me remember a time when I felt empty, a time when it seemed like I just drifted away from every person. And all that combined made me feel very scared.

This movie wasn’t what I expected. The story is more something along the lines of self-realization than an actual plot. I understand when my friends tell me “It was boring” or “It sucked”. I wasn’t entertained. I didn’t think anything was especially funny, nor were there any scenes I would go back and discuss with my friends because I thought it was great. It was the kind of film where I watched it and it just made me think. That is probably why I enjoyed the movie. I want the books I read or the movies I watch to make me think. I want them to trouble me and to make me feel a little uncomfortable about the themes that arise. Death, loneliness, suicide, giving up, letting go, desperation, and emptiness… those are the themes I experienced watching this film.

What did you think of Gravity?




3 thoughts on “Movies: Gravity

  1. I always feel like your blog posts are really high quality and that you put a lot of time and effort into writing them. After reading yours I go back to mine and think “Damn, I gotta step it up” haha.

    1. Thanks, but you’re really putting me up on a pedestal here, haha. I wouldn’t say my posts are “high-quality”. They are not too different from yours. I’m looking forward to more posts from you!

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