Post-Finals Reflection

Finals are over!

I believe this semester was my most stressful one of all, even though my course load itself was not that heavy. This may be because the majority of my courses are the mandatory ones (the ones you don’t find fascinating) and I’ve been working more on my part-times. Anyways, the good news is that the struggle is over and I am finally free to begin my winter break. And now before I completely drown myself in the freedom and Christmas fun… a reflection on my final exam .

Please, a minute of silence for my GPA. (Jokes… I really hope I’m joking).

A few things that entered my mind upon this topic:

1. I love 8tracks.

I highly recommend this 8tracks study mix! The tracks add up to 4 hours- a decent amount of study time and a reasonable excuse to take a break.

2. Studying for subjects you don’t love is hard.

It’s not that I hated my courses this semester. I believe it is necessary to gain a wide range of knowledge. And the things I learned this semester would be important and applicable later on. But I can honestly say that the knowledge was much harder for me to learn or remember. Compared to some other courses I’ve taken in other areas, it was difficult for the information to really resonate inside of me. I think this semester really showed me the difference it makes in learning when you have your own interest or passion for a certain subject.

3. What is health?

I don’t drink coffee. My study diet consists of water, chocolate, and late night fast food runs.

The strange thing about studying is that sometimes you just can’t focus. Even if you woke up early, set everything up, and all in the world is still and quiet, you still can’t study. And sometimes, you get into this zone. You keep doing practice questions boom, boom, boom non-stop. This odd and unpredictable fluctuation causes such a diet for me (my excuse).

4. Leave me alone.

I pretty much just shut myself in for the past week and a half. Back in first year, I spent a great deal of my study time in groups or friends’ study sessions. Over time, this way of studying seemed to lose its effect on me. I think I study much better now on my own and in my own house.

For next semester, I will put more efforts into maintaining a more balanced diet. Until then… FREEDOM!

Good luck to everybody else on their finals!




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