I Want a Husky

I like dogs. Somewhere down the road when I am able to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet, I will definitely become the owner of my favorite animal- a husky.

Look at this beautiful creature!

I’m not too in love with small, cute dogs like pomeranians but I think huskies are beautiful. I love their majestic body build, the black and white fur, and their icy blue eyes. My mother thinks huskies are scary, aggressive, and too big. But I think huskies are absolutely perfect. If I owned a husky, I would probably give it some ridiculous name that totally wouldn’t suit him… something like Marshmallow (Ha!). I think it’d be wonderful to go on runs with him in the park. I would let him run freely on a field of fresh snow in the morning. He can protect me during late night walks. I can sleep on him like a pillow when I seek comfort. And whenever I am upset, I can look into those blue eyes that seem to just pierce into your soul. He’ll be like the perfect companion for me.

Dogs are a special type of companion. They are someone who will welcome you home after a bad day or a good day. They are someone who will get so happy just to see you. Someone who snarls and becomes protective when strangers draw near. Someone who thinks you are the most lovely person on Earth. Someone who will follow you and love you for as long as they are alive. Dogs are affectionate, loyal, pure, and loving to their owners.

What is your favorite type of dog?




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