Happy Chinese New Year from Sincerely, Loewe

Hello readers!

I am wishing everybody a happy new year according to the lunar calendar. Here are the common greetings I have said to family, friends, acquaintances, and now to my readers: 恭喜發財 (happiness & prosperity… when receiving red pockets), 身体健康 (enjoy good health), 萬事如意 (10,000 things according to your will), 心想事成 (accomplish what is in your heart), 大吉大利 (much luck and much prosperity), 出入平安 (leave and enter in peace and safety), 学习进步 (progress in studies).

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My aunt back in HK is big on the whole fortune-telling thing. She tells my mom about what kinds of things to put around the house (you must put something green facing North!, etc.) for some feng shui belief. She always gets my family’s fortunes told. I don’t necessarily believe in it, but I like to find out my fortune just for fun. There is this mysterious book that calculates your general fortune for your animal year, and also a specific fortune depending on the year. Last year it mentioned that pigs will have will have a bad year (2013 was the year of the snake). Both my father and my sister had a hard time. This year it seems like everyone in my family will be facing good luck.

Again, this year seems like a ‘lucky’ one for me. One thing that stuck out to me is what my aunt told me in regards to my desires. She said that if I say it will happen, then it will happen. If I truly desire or want something, then it will either be given to me or successfully earned. Apparently I have 3 lucky stars to support me this year, and on top of that I have a special ‘guardian’. My ‘guardian’ will be someone who will step in every time I face difficulties this year. My mom’s envious response was, “How nice, if you want it you will get it.”

I am really happy to hear about this fortune. It is now only the end of January so it isn’t officially a new year yet according to the lunar calendar, but I feel like 2014 has been off to a wonderful start!

Recently I received an external marketing scholarship that I really wanted, but didn’t believe was qualified enough for. With the encouragement from other friends to apply anyways, I was both surprised and ecstatic to learn that I actually got it. I also successfully obtained my dream of becoming good enough at snowboarding to invest in one (all the gear was on sale too, such perfect timing!).  The past week I have been wishing really hard for it to snow in Vancouver so there will be good conditions when I go up to the local mountains, and it snowed today on campus even though it has been pretty warm for the past few days! I’ve also been training for the Vancouver Sun Run so I just feel good in general about my health and body. My family is healthy and doing well, and I am just simply very satisfied with my life.

I told my mother that it is a great fortune, but it may be wasted on someone like me because I don’t want a lot of things. She only replied with, “That is true. You are not a very greedy person. You should start being a little greedy.”

That may have sounded like some bad parenting advice if you interpret it in a different way, but I heard it as an encouragement. I have a tendency to believe I am not suitable or qualified for opportunities. I see myself as someone who has accomplished great things and traveled to distant places with exciting experiences; but I also believe that other people have accomplished even greater things. This is probably still true, but I need to stop undermining my own experiences. I am proud of the projects I’ve done, the knowledge I’ve learned, and the efforts I put into every task I complete. I am also very thankful and honored for the places I’ve lived in, the positions I’ve worked as, and the people who believed in me.

I will want ‘things’ this year. And I will work to get them.

It isn’t sufficient just to want – you’ve got to ask yourself what you are going to do to get the things you want.

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

If anyone is interested in their horoscopes, this website gave a pretty accurate translation of what my aunt told me over the phone: Year of Horse – Chinese Zodiac Predictions. The English explanation may be kind of weird, but you will get the gist of the prediction.

If January 2014 hasn’t been wonderful at all, then I hope February 4th (new year) can be another new start for you.



P.S. My aunt warned me of participating in dangerous activities this year… now my mother is paranoid about my new passion for snowboarding.


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