To Vivian

My friend, Vivian, turns 21 today. We met during first year in the first weeks of university. Both of us were bright-eyed and lost in a swirl of excitement and distant dreams. Becoming close was strung together by a blur of giggles and matching interests, and before I knew it we had already became good friends.

Now we have already become third years. The sparkles in our eyes may have dulled and perhaps we’ve traded our fantasies for a more realistic dream. In the 3 years I have known Vivian, I have come to realize how far she and I have both traveled from the point we first met.

I remember the days we joined clubs together, expanded our circles together, and clung to each other in the adrenaline rush of course enrollment times. We stressed about projects, midterms and finals until the escape of retail therapy. Together we daydreamed of future days in a fulfilling career that we had yet to identify. We searched for ourselves, trying to test out our limits and passions. The days passed by with us wondering where we’d end up after the whole process.

I am happy that you have found an interest in HR and Marketing. I am happy you enjoy your job in retail. I am happy you have found some sort of balance between your work life, school life, and love life. I am happy for all the achievements you worked for and most of all I want to say that I have always believed in you.

I believe in your hard work. I believe in your positive attitude. I believe in your empathy for others. I believe you have many wonderful experiences to come and I believe a failure will not stop you from growing. I believe in you when you believe in yourself and I also believe in you when you do not. I believe the you of tomorrow, next week, next month, and next year and so on. I know you are far better than what you believe yourself to be. And I believe in all this because you help me believe in myself without even realizing it.

Thank you for being my friend. I am thankful for the times I leaned on you for support and found my resolve or confidence. Thank you for hearing me out, trying to understand me, and teaching me how to take on different perspectives. Thank you for trusting me with your worries and pains. Lastly, thank you for growing alongside me.

There is no one else I would be happier to graduate with than you. University has been some of the best years of my short existence so far, and it is an experience I want to share from beginning to end with you. Happy birthday, dear friend, and may our futures be everything we have dreamed of together.

I’m a success today because I had a friend who believed in me and I didn’t have the heart to let him down.

― Abraham Lincoln




To Loewe:

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