How to Become a Morning Person (You Can Do It!)

At what time does your body naturally wake up if you do not set an alarm clock?

The amount of people I know who wake up after 11:30 am far exceed those who wake up before. Maybe it’s because we’re up late at night watching Netflix or chatting on Facebook, so we end up going to bed later. The reality is that for a lot of Gen Y and Millennials, we wouldn’t go to bed early anyways even if we weren’t doing anything significantly important or entertaining.

Why is that? Because no one wants to leave the fluffy and warm world of blankets to be cold.

Well, when you get a job you kind of have to. My job now requires me to wake up at 6:30 am to allocate for a long transit. When I first realized this, I thought “Now that’s a time I haven’t seen in a while.” Although I have never considered myself a “morning person”, I have finally become one (or at least, I don’t hate them as much anymore). You can become one too!

Readjust your sleeping schedule

If you’re going to become a morning person, then you have to be a morning person for every day of the week. This means you will have to readjust your sleeping schedule so that you wake up early almost every day. Passing by the first few weeks will be the most difficult, as your body has gotten accustomed to waking up later in the day. Now, you have to teach it to wake up earlier!

Stick to a routine schedule and wake up at around the same time each morning. Sooner or later, your body will shift to the new sleeping schedule, causing you to feel sleepy earlier at night. Following this result, you’ll find it easier to wake up in the morning.

A side effect of this is that you won’t be able to sleep in. Well, you can, but sleeping in will mean waking up at 10:00 am.

Do not drink coffee (or try not to!)

It may be a nice little “pick-me-up” from time to time, but overall don’t depend on coffee to get you through the morning. Try substituting water instead.

Bring a book

This is definitely the most effective solution to my problem. I tend to get sleepy during my long transit to work, but bringing a novel or a book is a great way to keep yourself awake in the morning and start the gears in your mind. Extra points for allowing me to fulfill my summer reading list!

Tip: Goodreads is a great website for readers. It has a bunch of recommended book lists for all genres and ages, and it allows you to track your own progress.

Morning jams

An upbeat playlist can make up for a rainy morning outside. Imagine yourself waking up and getting ready as the main character of a movie (a happy one!).

Tip: 8tracks has a ton of cool playlists for any type of mood you are in!



2 thoughts on “How to Become a Morning Person (You Can Do It!)

  1. After HS, the first college warning received was to avoid taking 8am classes….they can be a painful! :)

    The biggest change is one MUST go to bed at a reasonable time if one wishes to greet the early sun with a smile. Nightowls and Earlybirds are separate entities, but that doesn’t stop many people including myself from trying to live the life of both- which results in the tragedy of too few hours of sleep due to staying up too late. =p We have alarms to wake up, but we likely need alarms to tell us when we should sleep too. ;-)

    The sleep cycle is 90 minutes, and if you wake up before the cycle completes, you can feel groggy and tired, even if you slept several hours. So if one can’t get a full nights rest so that they wake up naturally, it helps set the time to sleep in multiples of 90 minutes so the alarm doesn’t wake you up mid sleep cycle.

    1. I used to use a sleep timer app that would wake me up when I’m in light sleep mode during the cycle. It was pretty cool! But now that my wake-up schedule is more standardized, I’ve stopped using it.

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