Zip-lining and Feeling Old

People often talk about hitting up Vegas when they turn 21. I do not have such extravagant plans, but I did want to go on a “big” trip this summer. Usually, my friends and I go camping for a few days, but this year we went on a weekend trip to Whistler. Although it may not be to the level of Vegas, it was heaps of fun and got me thinking a lot about how much older we have all become.


Originally I had wanted to go bungee-jumping, but then I found out Whistler has Canada’s longest zip-line! So I thought: If I am going to go bungee-jumping, I might as well go to Macau. I was fairly worried about the weather since zip-lining had to be booked 1-2 days in advance. Thankfully, the weather was wonderful and I got to momentarily fly through the most beautiful mountain view I have ever seen in my life!

There were 4 lines in total: 2 long ones (1.2 km and 1.3 km) and 2 short and fast ones. Check out my videos and pictures below!

Feeling Old

I have only gone to Whistler with my parents. Driving up with my friends felt insanely different. It felt like independence. It felt like freedom. It felt like maybe this is the point when your friends become your family.  I felt so much older and this feeling has crept inside me many times over the past year.

I guess it began when all my friends started driving. I still remember when we would all take the bus to go to the movie theater or when I used to park my bike outside the local 711. Now, we can go to farther places by ourselves- places that we’ve only been to via field trips or our parents.

It throws me into the pits of nostalgia and it also makes me dream about the distant future that may not be so distant anymore. I caught myself thinking about what it would be like if one day we all brought our kids to Whistler or camp. I imagined us seated around a big table, talking and laughing through the night about our summer trips back in the day, hoping (and possibly even pressuring) our kids to become friends with each other.

I wonder how I will feel then.

Hope everyone is ending their summer with a bang! I highly recommend zip-lining at Whistler- definitely worth!



5 thoughts on “Zip-lining and Feeling Old

  1. Happy belated birthday! Zip lining looks like such a blast! I guess you have some controls over speed as well since your friend was able to catch up to you. I’m not a big fan of open air heights so I’d have a challenge of convincing myself to do that, haha.

    1. Nice guess, but it wasn’t my birthday or anything, haha.
      Yeah, the speed depends on your weight as well as your flying position. The height is quite thrilling. I think as long as you are able to push yourself to ride the first line, it won’t be a problem.

      1. Your post mentioned folks who go to Vegas to celebrate their “Big 21”, and the you mentioned you wanted to do something big- not Vegas, but a trip. That led me to infer the trip was related to your birthday. You tricked me. =)

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