Happy Thanksgiving!

I must confess: I have been looking forward to the Thanksgiving long weekend since the beginning of October.  It’s not exactly a ‘long’ weekend because I still work 2/3 days, but that one sole day off is going to be my salvation. I am going to fully recharge myself and carry on.

This past month I have also been revamping this blog. I’ve switched themes and included a new Portfolio to display some of my personal projects. Photoshop has always been my friend, but lately I’ve been wanting to become better acquainted with Illustrator. I also happened to come across an old post from last year’s Thanksgiving, titled “9 Moments I am Thankful for“.

Again, I feel like I have so many important people and things to be thankful for- perhaps even more so than last year. But if I were to compile some moments in the past year where I have felt truly grateful and blessed, these moments make the list.

9. When my friend said she’ll watch a Tinkerbell movie with me.

I love Tinkerbell and Disney Fairies (see previous post). It’s a little embarrassing to admit at times, but I find it so adorable that I can’t even (can’t even!). I don’t expect anybody to watch Tinkerbell movies, but deep inside I wish someone did. It’s like when you read a good book and you wish you were in a book club or had a friend who was reading it as well so you can talk about it. I’m not 100% certain if my friend is just going along with me or if she is actually interested in this movie, but we watched it and I was so happy!

8. When I had my first happy hour.

I didn’t understand happy hour. Between the times 3-6 pm, you’re supposed to have some drinks and eat some appetizers? But you’d be eating dinner at 7 or 8? What’s the point?

I take it all back. Happy hour is great and it has taken a full-time workload to make me realize this. Now, I am able to understand the appeal in winding down with a beer and some snacks. More than anything, it is a time to socialize with friends and to reconnect with people.  It’s silly. I used to think that I had to do something when I hang out with people. We had to watch a movie, or go shopping, or do something. Now I fully appreciate a meal or a happy hour just to catch up because everybody is busy with their own things.

7. When my dentist said, “Sometimes riding the bus is better because you can do other things like read. You can’t do that when you are driving.”

Alright, so this sounds a little strange but let me give you some context. I commute to work everyday and it usually takes about an hour. No transfers. At first, the long commute was the most hateful part of my day, but then I realized it is actually the perfect opportunity to indulge in one of my favorite hobbies: reading. My to-read list has been stacking up over the last 3 years because I decided course readings already took too much of my time (an excuse). Over the summer and to now, I’ve been able to read like crazy (hence why there are so many book review posts on my blog now!).

I really regret not having been reading for leisure over the past few years. Now that I’m back into it, I realize how much I have missed it.

6. When my sister gave me a facial.

I don’t take very good care of myself. My younger sister, on the other hand, puts a lot of effort in making sure her hair and complexion are healthy. When she noticed I was looking very worn out, she offered facials and special creams and hair treatments. That was the moment I realized “I must look really bad”. But it was also the moment I thought “I am so lucky to have such a good sister”. I know she is also very busy with school, but she still takes time and consideration to look after me, which is more than what I have been doing for her (i.e. nothing).

5. When Leslie came back from vacation.

The rock as in the jack of all trades, the man who can do anything, the guy who goes on vacation and then the building collapses without him kind of rock. People from all over the building ask him for help and he always delivers. I am lucky and thankful to have him as a supervisor, and he has always encouraged and supported me to explore my interests in design. When he left for vacation and appointed me as his point of contact, I understood just how big of an impact he makes in the organization. At that moment, I affirmed that having met Leslie and working with him may be one of the best opportunities I could have chosen.

4. When I met new co-op students.

I first began seeking for co-op when I became a 2nd year, but I was unable to land a placement. It was discouraging, but I spent my 3rd year gaining more experience and began to seek for co-op again. This time around I was offered a Communications position at Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. The thought of becoming a public servant had never crossed my mind and business school tends to focus more on the private sector. It has now been 6 months since I’ve started working at AANDC and I do feel like a changed person. I did not realize how much knowledge I had learned until the new wave of co-op students came in September. Suddenly, I was able to give advice and answer questions about the department, government work, media, First Nation issues, and other communication-related topics. Working at AANDC has forced me out of my student bubble and connected me to real issues impacting Vancouver and the rest of Canada.

3. When I called my friend at 2 am one night and she picked up.

I am someone who turns her phone to silent before she goes to bed, so I had doubts of anybody picking up at such a late time. But, she did and it meant a lot to me.

2. When I went zip-lining (see previous post).

My heart fluttered when I zipped between those mountain peaks. It was – by far – the most beautiful view my eyes had ever feasted on. It was a real view, not like those pictures from Google. It was a view that stretched to infinity and beyond. The wind was carrying my body through the sky like a bird and I had never felt so alive. At that moment I really felt the beauty of BC. I wasn’t just seeing it, I was experiencing it with my whole tiny existence. I remember thinking “Wow” and “Amazing” and I wondered: how could I have ever wanted to live somewhere else?

I think over this year, I have fallen in love with Vancouver more and more. How lucky am I to live in such a beautiful city?

1. When my mom or dad cuts my fruit for me… and delivers it to my room!

Just a tiny glimpse of the things they do for me. I am nowhere near as beautiful or kind as a princess, but with my parents I feel like I can be. Thank you mom and dad!

eb66a206fcba478341eac3efd4d5ac5dSINCERELY, LOEWE


To Loewe:

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