Part XI: Connor and his B-

Today’s daily prompt: Waiting Room

“Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

I believe more in the individual going after what they want, but I may be interpreting this statement incorrectly. Things we want are not always things we need, hence they may not be the “good things” this statement is referring to.

For things that depend solely on yourself – good health, good work habits, etc.- I don’t think there’s any reason to have to wait. But for things that require efforts from more than one individual (e.g. a good friendship or relationship), I see patience as an essential ingredient.



My short story series, inspired by NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo and the daily prompt.

<< Part X: Connor and the Dinner

“Good morning.”

Samantha blinked curiously at Connor’s appearance. “Good morning.”

Connor received a B minus in English and Samantha was officially released of her peer-tutoring duties. Christmas passed by with Connor giving Avery a giant teddy bear as a gift. He celebrated New Years at Bradley’s house party, where his older brother was able to hook them up with beer. It was a new school term, a new year, and Connor was ready to give his new year’s resolution a shot: to become friends with Samantha.

There were many reasons why he decided on this strange resolution. Ever since the dinner, Father had been urging Connor to become closer with Samantha. Connor suspected the reason to be from the accident and Father’s guilt. Besides Father’s coaxing, Connor was more amazed by the fact that he was able to leave Mr. Porter’s class without a failing grade. When he saw that B minus on his final report card, the first person to know was Samantha.

Connor half-expected Samantha to look at him with those unimpressed eyes like all the times he had shown her his first drafts, but to his surprise Samantha actually congratulated him and smiled. Smiled! She bared her pearly whites and everything. Instantly in Connor’s eyes, Samantha glowed like the god of study.

On top of these reasons, Connor thought that Samantha was actually quite interesting. Well, she wasn’t interesting in the way that made Connor feel romantically attracted, but she was interesting in the way that made Connor contemplate about things he never thought of before. She was like that grandpa who lived across the street who always had intriguing war stories to tell, or like Connor’s eighth grade teacher, Mr. Yetis, who used to travel to countries like Africa and helped build schools. Samantha was interesting like those people, like a life mentor.

“How was your winter vacation?”

Samantha flipped to another page of her book. “It was nice. How was yours?”

“It was good. Hung out with friends, slept in a lot.”


“Do you always come to the library in the morning?”

Flip again. “Do you still need help with school?”

“I probably do, but that’s not why I’m here. I just thought maybe we could talk. You know, become friends.”

She squinted at him from the top of her book. Connor wondered if he should’ve chosen a different resolution- an easier one.

“I want to ask for advice.”

Connor blurted that out, but Samantha seemed to relax at his sudden declaration.

“I’m not sure if I’m the best person to be asking advice from.”

“No, you are, trust me. You’re cool and you know what you want to do with your life. I have no idea.”

Finally, Samantha closed her book.

“It’s alright to not know. We’re still in high school and you have a lot of time to figure yourself out. Sooner or later, you’ll find something.”

“I don’t want to just sit here and wait around for something to find me.”

As Connor said this, he wondered where it was coming from. Was he really worried about his future? It never seemed that urgent when he discussed it with Bradley or Avery, but with Samantha, it felt like he had already run out of time. Connor wondered if he had subconsciously been stressed about it this whole while.

“I’m not telling you sit around and wait. I’m telling you that you have time to go out there and find it, whatever it is.”

“But I don’t know where to start.”

This time, Samantha put her closed book into her backpack, granting Connor to her full attention. “Well, what kind of things do you like to do?”

And so the morning library sessions continued.

To be continued…

eb66a206fcba478341eac3efd4d5ac5d Sincerely, Loewe




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