Part XVII: Connor and the Email

Today’s daily prompt: Grateful and Guilty

Whether it’s a trashy TV show, extra-pulpy fiction, or nutrient-free candy, write a thank-you note to your guiltiest guilty pleasure.

This used to be my guilty pleasure but now I don’t feel very guilty about it anymore:

Thank you to the creators of Disney Fairies! The series is so adorable and the Celtic music is so great to listen to. Can’t wait for Legend of the NeverBeast (Spring 2015)!


My short story series, inspired by NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo and the daily prompt.

<< Part XVI: Connor and his Best Friend

“Espresso, please.”

With a cup of steaming coffee and his MacBook in hand, Connor sat down at his usual corner to begin his work. It was a normal Monday morning. That is, until he opened his newest email:

Hi Connor,
Still loving New Jersey?
I’m not sure if you keep up with my news, but I have a new book coming out titled Horizons. It’s about a boy who loses his memories and how he struggles to regain his identity afterwards. I consider it one of my best works so far.
Anyways, I saw your website! It looks great and I really like some of the work you’ve done for your clients. I’m wondering if you can help me design the book cover for Horizons (and maybe fix up my website because it’s looking pretty shabby in comparison to yours).
Eric and I will be in New Jersey from November 28 – December 4 to attend Scholar’s Night at Princeton. Let’s meet up and we can talk about this some more.

Connor drank his coffee out of sheer nervousness. The last time he saw Samantha was at his graduation ceremony back in 2011. That was the day Eric proposed to her. At his own fucking graduation party. That bastard.

Another gulp of coffee.

Connor and Samantha’s friendship went down the drain shortly after that. Samantha became too busy to see him between finishing her degree, working on her novel, and moving in with Eric. Connor was done school but unemployed, spending his days going for interviews and refusing to contact Father about his sad predicament. He and Samantha tried to keep in touch through Facebook and email, but conversations soured whenever they came upon the topic of his unemployment or Eric.

It wasn’t that Connor hated Eric. Well, he did despise him quite a lot, but mostly it was because Connor knew Eric despised him even more. Whenever the three of them got together, Eric would look down on him like a pothole in the road.

With no job and no friend, Connor spent his time surfing the web and taking online courses on graphic design and website coding. One year later, he became a freelancer. The pay wasn’t anything like what Father made, but it was enough to maintain his coffee-addict lifestyle in New Jersey and that was enough for Connor. Besides, his clients seemed to love his work.

Samantha graduated a year and a half after him in the middle of his busy freelancing career. Connor wasn’t able to attend her graduation (Eric wouldn’t have wanted him to go anyways), but he did send her flowers. Her last email to him was sent soon after, telling Connor that she and Eric were moving back to Seattle to be with her mom. That was their last communication.

Connor had read and re-read every book Samantha had ever written. He even started reading other books from her favorite authors list. Connor knew all about Horizons; it was featured in an editorial magazine last year when they interviewed Samantha and her role as a successful young author. He had seen her website many times (it does look pretty shabby). At the very core of it, Connor was like her fan. A very, very devoted one.

But he was not her friend anymore. Friends don’t just ignore each other for six years.

With a strange mixture of nervousness and detachment, Connor typed up his reply email:

Thanks for your email and congratulations on your new book.
Let’s meet up on Dec. 4. 8 am in the library. Bring coffee.

He had decided: he would treat Samantha like a client. He clicked sent and then went back to work.

To be continued…

eb66a206fcba478341eac3efd4d5ac5d Sincerely, Loewe


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