Part XX: The Boy with the Golden Feathers

Today’s daily prompt: Calling Uncle Bob

Have you ever faced a difficult situation when you had to choose between sorting it out yourself, or asking someone else for an easy fix? What did you choose — and would you make the same choice today?

When I face difficulties, I often ask for help unless it’s a very personal issue. It’s more efficient if you get someone who actually knows what they’re doing to help you. You can learn by watching them and then try to sort it out by yourself the next time.

Sometimes I think people are too afraid to ask for help. There’s nothing shameful about it.


My short story series, inspired by NaNoWriMo/NaBloPoMo and the daily prompt.

<< Part XIV: Connor and his Book

“You sir, are a genius.”

Very rarely did Connor consider himself to be a genius, but in this case, he did have a stroke of brilliance.

The idea came to him when he was working on his portfolio, trying to liven it up by using a new layout. Because of his personal project, his portfolio no longer received as much attention as it did before. His last work was his illustration for a tech magazine back in November. Since then, he tried to fill it up with simple typography art, but it was beginning to look lazy. He needed to freshen it up with real pieces of work, but he didn’t have any because for the past seven months he had only been focusing on his book.

So, a simple solution: publish the book onto his website.

Connor didn’t know why he didn’t think of it before. He was in control of his own site, so he didn’t have to worry about what an editor or a publisher thought of his book. Also, it was free!

Connor compiled his pages into a slideshow deck.

* * *

The Boy with the Golden Feathers

(1) There once was a boy with golden feathers in his hair.

He did not know he had golden feathers in his hair.

(2) One day, he met a girl.

She said to him, “Be careful when the wind blows, it may blow away your beautiful golden feathers.”

That was the day the boy learned about his golden feathers. He was happy she told him.

(3) One day, the girl was crying.

The boy used one of his golden feathers to wipe her tears away.

(4) One day, the girl sang a song about wildflowers.

The boy really loved the song. He wanted to remember it but he had no pen.

He took off one of his golden feathers and used it to write down the wildflower song.

(5) One day, the girl said to him, “I want to be a writer. I have many stories to tell.”

The boy took off one of his golden feathers, gave it to the girl, and said, “Use this and write your story.”

(6) The girl had so many stories to write.

She kept writing and writing and writing.

(7) The boy loved her stories.

(8) One day, the girl asked him, “Can you draw me a picture?”

The boy had no more golden feathers.

(9) The girl asked him, “Where did all your golden feathers go?”

(10) The boy answered, “The wind blew them all away.”

(11) “Oh no!” the girl cried. “They were so beautiful.”

“It’s okay,” said the boy.

(12) One day, the girl left.

She wanted to write more stories.

The boy had no more golden feathers.

(13) He still loved her stories.

* * *

Connor clicked “Published”.

Two months later, Connor received a phone call.

“Hi, this is Pam Henderson from Dutton Children’s Books. I received a submission for a story you wrote and I was wondering if you had time next week to meet?”

Connor had no idea what was happening, but he answered anyways. “Sure.”

To be continued…

eb66a206fcba478341eac3efd4d5ac5d Sincerely, Loewe

* Will actually make The Boy with the Golden Feather illustrations when I have time (likely during winter break or after NY).


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