Being “LG”

I came across a very interesting prompt today: See Yourself Through a Different Set of Eyes. Basically, what kind of a person do outsiders see you? If they saw you on the bus, at a coffee shop, or in lecture, what kind of a background story would they conjure up in their minds? What kinds of assumptions would they make about you?

After some reflection, I knew what kind of a person people would think I am when they see me: an LG.

LG stands for “little girl” and over the years this label has been attached and irremovable from me. When I first heard of this term in my teens, it was suggested that it was a good thing. LGs are bubbly, petite, and like cute things. Over the years, this term gained more and more negative connotations. LGs are childish, incompetent, airheads, and materialistic.

I’ve been called LG many times over the years. I know most of the time, people do not mean to be insulting, but a negative feeling stirs deep inside of me. To me, being called LG feels like someone is looking down on me. It is as if I’m not mature enough, as if I don’t have any dreams or any skills of my own.

My pink Adidas backpack is “so LG”, my Hello Kitty water bottle is “so LG”. I look younger than my age so I look like “such an LG”. It makes me want to ask: why can’t I like the color pink without being “LG”? Why is laughing a lot correlated to being “LG” and not just being happy? Why am I an “LG” simply because I am younger than you?

How do I think other people see me? I bet they take one look at me and assume I’m one of those “LGs” who are oblivious to the world- a girl who has no big plans for herself. I bet they think I go to the gym to meet guys and that I spend all my paychecks (if they even assume I work) on clothes from Aritzia. They probably think I don’t have a single care in the world.

I have a lot of worries. Many of them are out of my sphere of control, but I do my best to do what I can with what I have. I don’t mind when people make assumptions or label me as an “LG”. Everybody makes assumptions and just based on first impressions, it is difficult not to judge someone naturally. What I do hope from people is that they are willing to change that perception of me when they meet me. I hope that after someone gets to know me, they see me as someone who is much more. I hope they see my passions, my insecurities, and understand that I have things that I like to do and that should be cool, not “LG”.

One of my favorite quotes:

Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle. – Plato

I always remind myself that everybody has issues, some are just better at dealing with them than others. When I catch myself judging someone without meeting them, I tell myself to get off my self-made pedestal and focus on becoming a better person myself.

I hope the next time somebody sees me somewhere, they’ll make up a story about me being an aspiring author or an anime fanatic in their minds- anything with more depth than just an “LG”.

eb66a206fcba478341eac3efd4d5ac5d Sincerely, Loewe


To Loewe:

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