Thoughts: Getting Inked

To my mother’s unknown horror, I have a secret inclination to get a tattoo.

I’ve thought about it for a couple of years now as my friends who have one already, advised me to “not get a tattoo just because you want one”. I understand that a tattoo has to have a deeper meaning than just something that looks pretty.

I also struggle with the thought of potential future consequences, since I do plan on working at a private firm or agency after graduation. Depending on the corporate culture, a tattoo could be something that would work against me.

At the same time, my mindset is not so traditionally set. I don’t think having a tattoo necessarily means you are a delinquent or any of the other negative connotations associated with one. I actually find some tattoos to be quite beautiful with an equally beautiful story behind it.

Something that stood out for me this month was Project Semicolon. The project encourages people to show off semicolon tattoos or draw one on their wrists. The movement is to shine awareness and support onto those suffering from depression and thoughts of suicide, and I find their reasoning to be written so beautifully:

A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.

Depression is a cause I have very strong feelings about, and my intended tattoo design is also related to it: a sunflower.

Sunflowers are my favourite flowers, but it’s not because I think they are the prettiest flower around. The thing I love most about sunflowers is how they turn towards the sun. Not only do I find this super cute (their heads turning and their backs straightening!), it symbolizes a win against depression. To turn around and look at things and most importantly, yourself, in a positive light is what a sunflower symbolizes for me. To not stay in the dark and instead, to grow strong and straight.

I am thinking of a simple black and white sunflower design, but it can be hard to tell if it’s not in color (i.e. can look like a daisy or any other flower). I am also debating where it should go on my body since I don’t want it in an obvious spot… or a spot that may hurt too much.

I still don’t have set plans on getting inked yet (still have to do more research!), but it will happen. Perhaps not now or this year, but at some point in my life.

logoSincerely, Loewe



4 thoughts on “Thoughts: Getting Inked

  1. I’ve also been thinking about getting a tattoo, but I’ve got to wait until I turn 18. Hearing the story behind why you want to get a tattoo of a sunflower is really inspiring (and also super duper cute), because it reminds me that no matter how much my family says, “TATTOOS R FOR BAD GIRL GANGSTERS WHO AREN’T RESPECTABLE,” tattoos are a valid form of art and carry just as much meaning as a poem or drawing. I’ve been exploring your blog and I really like everything you’ve been posting, so thank you for sharing!!!! <3

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment!
      Yes, you should wait until you’re 18, otherwise you can only go to sketchy places and you’ll probably have to get your tattoo retouched because they didn’t do a good job.

      Haha, my parents also have that mindset but what can we do? They were born with different values but they are just looking out for us. In the end it is our bodies, and we can prove that respectable people can also have tattoos if they want.

      I tried to check out your blog, but it seems you’ve deleted it. Hope you create a new one soon so I can check it out too :)

      1. That’s my big fear of tattoos, and why I want to start out with a teeny tiny tattoo first..

        And yeah! I really agree with everything you’ve said. I want to prove to my family that appearances are just one aspect of a person and that even if a person may look intimidating or “indecent” they can still be amazing.

        Actually, I changed the URL for my blog but forgot to update it…ack >.< Thank you for being so kind and for responding so wonderfully :)

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