Starchasing Adventure to Lillooet

Hoping to catch the last of the Perseid meteor shower last week, my friends and I decided to drive out with our DSLRs and learn night photography. One of my friends already has some experience taking photos of stars, so I was excited to try it out with my own camera.

The trip was planned the morning of, and I surprised myself by agreeing to go right away. It felt so spontaneous and exciting. We left Vancouver at approximately 8:00 pm with our cameras, tripods, warm clothing, snacks, and a positive attitude.

I didn’t realize how far Lillooet is. I thought it was around Whistler, but it turns out that it’s 120km past Whistler. It’s past Pemberton! It’s basically interior BC. 7km away from Lillooet, we busted a tire at 12:30 am. As my friends and I were getting out of the car to change the tire, all I could say was, “This is how we die!”

It’s a dark road with no lights. We caught deers in headlights before we busted our tire from rock debris on the road. I could hear the crashing waves of a river below us on the right side of the road. I checked my phone and there was no service.

Beginning of a horror movie? I THINK SO.

Several trucks stopped by and asked if we needed help, which was very nice of them, but also kind of freaked me out because in a horror movie, they would be serial killers of some sorts. We changed our tire and continued on our way, but now with a temporary tire, it meant we had to drive much slower. This worried my friend as he had an exam at 8:30 am Saturday morning and I was worried we would bust another tire on the way back from Lillooet.

When we reached Lillooet, I received a text message from my friend, who asked, “Where are you going?” after he saw my snapchat. I was worried about the spare tire and I finally had some service, so I texted back with, “I’m at Lillooet. Just busted a tire. If I’m not back by 6am, please call someone!”

We get to the park in Lillooet that we wanted to shoot at (also no service). The sign by the park gates said, “Gates close at 10:00 pm”. It was currently 1:00 am, but the gates were open. My friend didn’t want to drive in because he was worried the gates would close after us and we’d be stuck inside, therefore, we parked outside the gate, took our gear, and walked into the park.

Into a dark road that leads to a dark park that could be filled with bears and more serial killers. A bunch of stupid kids going into closed parks in the middle of nowhere.

“This is how we die… AGAIN!”

We set up our cameras and tripods and begin to take photos, when an eerie noise comes surrounding us. It was a ghost-like “ooOOOooOO” sound mixed in with a very uncomforting screeching noise. I am ready to leave my camera and book it out of there, but then a train comes bursting out of the black mountains on the other side of the lake.

We pack up and leave a little past 2:00 am. The real MVP of the night was my friend who drove over six hours that night (there and back), and changed the tire. The rest of us passed out on the ride back. By the time we dropped off my friend for his exam, it was 5:40 am.

I check my phone and I had received several messages from the friend I texted back in Lillooet. Below are some of his texts:

"What the fck is happening?"
"WHERE IS ILLOOET?" (I spelled it wrong when I texted him.)
"Am I the last person you texted??"
"Do I wait until 6am??"

I got home at 6:00 am and went straight to bed (“Bed is life”). It was an eventful adventure even though my photos didn’t turn out amazing. Hopefully, I will be able to go on another star-chasing adventure soon. Another shoutout to MVP of the night, and also to my friend who was suddenly burdened with the responsibility of leading a possible manhunt.

logo Sincerely, Loewe


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