Thank you Beedie MarComm


September 4 marked the end of my co-op term at the Beedie School of Business as the Social Media & Marketing Intern. For the last four months, I was involved in Beedie’s social media, graphic design, photography, and blogs. The position encompasses everything I love about marketing and I had a great time working with everybody in the MarComm department on the fourth floor.

I wanted to give my thanks to many people I worked with this summer, but especially to the following people:

vivianiconVivian, a fellow co-op and the girl I shared an office with. She and I started at the same time over time we became friends as well as co-workers. Vivian is a SFU SIAT student, so she has a wider knowledge of design and photography, but she has always been supportive and helpful to me when I have questions. One thing I admire about Vivian is her great attention to detail, and this is evident whenever she works on anything that is visually stimulating. Vivian and I also eat lunch together almost everyday (because I despise eating alone), so we’ve had many great and hilarious conversations about work, friends, family, and anime. Vivian has a clear idea of what she is interested in learning and I am very lucky to have worked with her this term. Thank you for making me laugh and spending so much time with me!

michelleiconMichellemy supervisor. Michelle is in charge of digital media so a majority of my social media learning came from her. She’s been a great supervisor to me even though she likes to slip cat photos into my notebooks to scare me. Aside from that, I have a great time working with her and talking to her outside of work because she is so down-to-earth and lively. We are both social media junkies and Michelle has jumped up to my best friends list on snapchat (so many snaps of food!). It was always reassuring to have Michelle support me on my tasks, and to know that I could always talk to her or ask her about anything.

amandaiconAmanda, from the other side of the fourth floor. Amanda used to be in the MarComm department, but now works as a Program Assistant for the research centre. Nevertheless, Amanda studied marketing and design and is also a Beedie BBA alumnus, so we got along right away. Amanda is super sweet – the type of person who can’t harm a fly and nurses sick animals back to health. She also bikes to work (a true Vancouverite!), which I am always very impressed with because I can’t do it. Again, Amanda always answers my questions and is a great listener, so thank you! P.S. I will never forget the day we ate outside at lunch with that bird.

martinaiconMartina, the co-op success story. Martina used to be in my position when she was a co-op student, and was hired upon graduation. I’ve only worked with Martina for two months, but we have become good friends through work and similar experiences in Beedie and growing up in the same area. When I first started, Martina would be brought up like a ghost-like perfect memory, and I was worried I would not meet expectations being in the same position. Working with Martina, I also agree with all the great things I’ve heard. She’s hardworking, humorous, and has great clothes.

Thanks everybody for making it a great learning experience, and thank you to Vivian, Michelle, Amanda, and Martina for making everyday more than just work. I was happy to extend my work term for an extra week because of you all and all the other great people at our office. As our Director says, “We spend 1/3 of our lives at work, we must enjoy it”.

logo Sincerely, Loewe

P.S. Like the illustrations? Check out the rest of the cast!

P.P.S. Check out Michelle’s blog and Martina’s blog.


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