“I’m laughing at you!”

There were many fun things that happened this week, but my fun moment spotlight this week goes to my Monday night McDonald’s run.

My part-time has a bi-monthly staff meeting at night and because me and my co-worker both have class before it, we are in a time crunch to get ourselves fed before attending it. There is a McDonald’s right across the street from us, so every two months, we will have our bi-monthly McDonald’s dinner. After awhile, I started looking forward to gorging out on chicken nuggets and french fries.

To fully understand, you have to know that my co-worker, Jessica, is absolutely hilarious. She can be silly without being afraid of what others think of her. She is one big ball of positive energy and her enthusiasm is contagious. When I am with her, I am a younger version of me.

To pinpoint my exact fun moment, it was during our drive to McDonald’s. We were stuck in rush hour, hungry, and both had sore throats from the weekend. I was laughing at the sound of Jessica’s laugh and she was laughing at me laughing. This means it was a never ending cycle and I laughed until tears came to my eyes.

I haven’t laughed like that in so long. It reminded me of the times when me and my high school friends laughed at nothing until our stomachs hurt. It made me wonder: why doesn’t this happen anymore?

My friends and I, we still have fun. We still laugh together, but laughing at nothing is now a rare occurrence. Something as innocent as laughing at someone laughing makes me nostalgic, as if I am seeing something very pure and short-lived.

It’s nice to experience this kind of a moment again. Do I sound like a granny yet?

A day without laughter is a day wasted.
― Nicolas Chamfort

logo Sincerely, Loewe


To Loewe:

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