Thank You Childhood Friends

Digimon characters all grown up!

Since our skydiving endeavour earlier this summer, I have been spending more time with my childhood friends. Our discussions range from past memories like the horrors of 90’s fashion to future plans like engagements and weddings.

There is something very special about being with my childhood friends and I think a large part of that has to do with how we are able to see each other grow up to be different people, and how that can act as a mirror for individual self reflection.

Here is a question we have discussed before: If we met each other now, would we still be friends?

A vague “Yes” sufficed, but we all agreed that we would most likely be acquaintances at most. Our friendship was forged through living in the same neighbourhood and attending the same school. We became close through being P.E. partners, bad teachers, sports clubs, and trivial gossip.

Our friendship is not fueled by a particular shared passion. Each one of us differ in our types of music, sports, food, books, and other recreational activities. We study different things and work different jobs – essentially, we are just very different people.

That’s why we act as mirrors for each other. When we talk to each other, we realize how much we’ve learned about family, friends, love, work, and ourselves.

Ultimately, that is what continues to bind us together. We care for each other, regardless of how different we have grown up to be from each other. We offer fresh perspectives and knowledge that the other person lacks, and we plan to keep each other in our futures. We bet on who will get married first, joke about what kind of parents we will be, and then backtrack to, “It’s ok, we’re still 22 – nobody freak out!”

We have known each other for 12 years. That is more than half of my life. It will always be more than half of my life. They will always be in more than half of my life.

So thank you for growing up with me, for continuing to be with me even if I am no longer the same child they used to know. With parents and siblings, you are a family – they have to put up with you. But with friends, it is always a choice, so thank you for continuing to choose me.

“Here’s to the nights who turned into mornings and the families who turned into friends!”
“Um, I think you said it wrong.”

logo Sincerely, Loewe

P.S. Also as a response to the Daily Post’s prompt: Young At Heart


To Loewe:

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