“What was it called again? Poo-tine?”

This week’s moment spotlight occurred during my 3-day ski trip to Whistler. My friends and I met some Australian folks when we were soaking in the hot tub at the hotel.

It’s always cool to talk to people from different countries because you realize how different life can be. What is considered normal to you can be strange, hilarious, or amazing to someone else.

We joked about how everything in Australia is trying to kill you and the differences between riding a polar bear  or a kangaroo to school. We discussed Canadian staple foods – poutine and maple syrup – and they talked about the strange experience of having to tip a server or how it got dark so early.

I’ve met several exchange students over the years, and I am always interested to hear their responses when I ask them what they find strange about Canada or Canadians. I’ve had students from Denmark point out that they find our public buses to be funny when they flash a message “Sorry, not in service“. A guy from Russia said Canadians are too friendly and have no problems striking up a conversation with a stranger and offering them beef jerky in the middle of a hike.

Initially, I was both nervous and excited about this trip because I’ve never boarded at Whistler before and unlike previous years, I wasn’t familiar with a majority of the people going. In the end, the snow conditions were great (lots of powder) and I met a lot of cool new people that I otherwise probably would not have been able to meet. There’s something about Whistler – perhaps because it is a top tourist location, plus the upcoming holiday cheer – that makes the village seem warm and welcoming to all.

Wishing everybody happy holidays! Spread the kindness.

logo Sincerely, Loewe

P.S. This Canada Tumblr thread still gets me


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