From the 2015 Me

2015 was a great year that built off my momentum in 2014. Some of my highlights from 2015 were: skydiving, getting a DSLR and learning more about astrophotography, boarding at Sun Peaks and Whistler, hiking at the Chief, and completing a co-op term for the marketing department at my school.

However, now it is time for the whole “new year, new me” spiel.

2016 seems like it will be a special year for me. It is big and looming like a pent up explosion above my head that can go very wrong or amazingly well. It marks the end of my university career, and with that comes a mountain pile of question marks and exclamation points. Just thinking about graduation makes me swing back and forth on the spectrum between deliriously excited and insanely anxious.

Because, like, what am I going to do?

In my ideal-semi-realistic life, I would graduate, go on my Europe grad trip, return to Vancouver to a full-time creative and/or marketing position at an ad agency, move out with a friend, and spend the rest of 2016 as a real adult who has her life together – you know, the kind of person who pours cereal into hipster-looking jars instead of leaving them in the box.

But in my real life, I will graduate, go on my Europe grad trip, and return to Vancouver poorer than when I left. I would likely be suffering from the travel bug as I embark on my job search under my parent’s roof, which I assume I will be living under even after 2016. Or of course, life could be much worse.

Welcome to the real world, kid.

Sometimes, grown-ups make the world sound so scary. They call it the “real world” and all of a sudden, life after twenty-five becomes filled with arseholes, crippling debt, and plain misery. It is a place where things never really get better; your expectations just become lower. All that, mixed in with the uncertainty of it all, made me very afraid.

Because I like to have a plan and I like to follow it. Yet as we all know, things don’t always go according to plan – not even your backup ones. The notion of not really knowing what is happening or what is going to happen freaks me out. My other adult fears include waking up in the morning and dreading work (not because I’m tired, but because I simply hate my job) and developing a tendency to settle for disappointment. And the more I think about how 2015 is ending just like my life as I’ve known it, the more worried I get.

As the 2015 Loewe, I want to remind myself about all the things I’ve told myself in previous years: keep exercising, push yourself out of your comfort zone, spend time with people who give you energy, not those who simply take from you, and above all else, remember that you have greatness inside of you.

Because of I do all these things, I feel like I can brave on the real world, whatever it is.

logo Sincerely, Loewe

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