#FLEuro2016: Planning – Part 1

All my flights for my Europe trip this summer are officially booked. The cities I will be traveling to on my 4-week backpacking trip are:

  • London
  • Amsterdam
  • Berlin
  • Athens + Santorini
  • Rome + Venice
  • Zurich

We will also be taking the train when summer ticket info/prices are up for cities that are relatively “close”, and we will be staying in a selection of Airbnbs and hostels throughout the trip. My budget is approx. $4000.

For anybody who has traveled to Europe, some specific questions for you, although any advice/tips are greatly appreciated:


  1. What credit and debit cards did you bring?
  2. Amount of cash to bring along?
  3. Opinions on money belts?
  4. How to not get mugged…

Transportation + Accommodation

  1. Countries/cities with better hostels?
  2. Opinions on taking a night train?


  1. DSLR vs. point-and-shoot camera?
  2. Laptop?
  3. Backpack recommendations? I’m 5’1″ and currently considering front-loading carry-on backpacks, preferably one that comes with a daypack:
  4. Hair straightener – voltage converter?
  5. Small souvenir ideas to collect?


  1. Things I should do/try in each city?
    • Day hikes?
    • Foods to try?
    • Thrill-seeking activites?
  2. Things/places to avoid?

Stay tuned on this blog and follow #FLEuro2016 and my other social media accounts for all things related to this trip:
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Sincerely, Loewe

P.S. Also as a response to the Discover challenge: Adventure.


7 thoughts on “#FLEuro2016: Planning – Part 1

  1. Sounds like a fun adventure. If this is your 1st trip I wouldn’t bring expensive equipment like a DSLR which would be one more item you’d have to worry about safeguarding, plus you’d be tempted to take more pics rather than just enjoying the experience. How many will be in your group?

  2. Hello!
    I’ve never traveled for 4 weeks, but I can say a few things about the money situation. You’re going to major cities that will have ATMs so there’s really no need to carry a ton of cash at any one time. Many places will likely take credit cards but likely prefer cash. Don’t change money at airports because it’s expensive. Bring a few hundred euro with you when you leave Canada and rely on ATMs once you land. Check with your bank about your debit card before you go and see if there’s an option for low or no ATM fees because those can be painfully high per transaction. You’re unlikely to run into any problems as long as you’re sensible, just like in Canada.
    I would avoid appliances like hair straighteners because you will need a converter and adaptor (same for your phone) and they’re heavy. Wear a ponytail – it’s just easier. I tend to rely on my phone when I travel but I do know people who bring laptops or tablets. Again, then you have to charge them. Just depends on how much you want to carry.
    Hostelworld.com will answer all of your hostel questions. You can also make bookings through Lonely Planet’s website. Most Airbnbs and hostels will have lots of suggestions of what to do and some also have tour desks where you can arrange tours once you arrive.
    Hope this helps!

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