The Asian bludgeon is probably a feather duster.

Today’s Daily prompt: Bludgeon

I had to google what “bludgeon” means. It’s basically a club or a similar-looking weapon.

It made me think of feather dusters.

I’m not talking about the ones (sexy French) maids use when they clean the house. I’m talking about the wooden stick ones with the brown feathers and usually half of them have fallen off – the ones Asian parents use sometimes to discipline a child.

I remember my old apartment in Hong Kong had one. My memory is hazy as to whether 1) my parents actually used it on me; 2) if they just used it to threaten me into behaving; or 3) if it was actually in my house for cleaning purposes. I couldn’t have been older than 4 years-old at the time, but I knew what the feather duster was – what it’s really for – so probably not the third possibility.

When we immigrated to Canada, my parents learned that it is not acceptable to hit a child as a means of discipline. Since then, I haven’t seen the feather duster in my house ever again.

But I know the world changes one day at a time and that hitting a child in Asia is probably frowned upon now as well.

I just wonder if those feather dusters still exist, and if they do, does their presence in a room stand as a reminder for children to behave.

Does it even clean well?

Sincerely, Loewe



To Loewe:

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