Thoughts: Handwritten Letters


Today’s Daily Prompt: Sincere

There are many ways to show sincerity to someone, but the most common method I use are letters.

I love writing in general but for me, a handwritten letter is extra special versus a text message or a Facebook post. Compared to a fancy card that plays a song when I open it, I much prefer a handwritten letter or note – even if it’s not legible (i.e. scrawls from children). I write letters to all my loved ones for their birthdays and other special holidays. I even write letters to myself sometimes. It just feels more sincere to receive one and I am also more sincere in the moment when I am writing it.

Because I write letters to other people, sometimes they write one back. I like looking at other people’s handwriting – whether they slant to the left or the right, if they dot all their i’s, and if their cursive features big fluid loops. I like seeing scribbles or crossed out words, the makings of the thinking process, the tone of writing echoing in my head.

I don’t miss the days when I wrote short stories on lined paper, draft after draft, or the times my hand ached from writing too much, but I do miss the days I passed notes to my friends in class or the days I received letters from my pen pal. It saddens me when people tell me they haven’t received a handwritten letter in years – perhaps maybe even never.

I write to people to let them know that I am truly happy for them, that I am cheering for them, or that I am there for them if they need me. I write my feelings down and I hope they feel it when they read my letters. It is my act of sincerity, and if it connects my heart with others, then I will never stop.

Sincerely, Loewe


To Loewe:

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