108 years of waiting.

Today’s Daily Prompt: Base

When I first saw this prompt, I thought of the Chicago Cubs winning the world series this year.

I don’t follow baseball – didn’t even know what sport the cubs play (don’t hit me please cubs fans) – but the internet made such a big deal that I had to learn more. Apparently, the cubs haven’t won a major title since 1908… that’s 108 years1.

Grown men are crying all over the place as they think about their fathers who were not able to live to see this day. This salvation these fans feel and their tears oddly make me remember the news when Obama first became president in 2009 and then they zoomed in on a black man sobbing in the audience.

It blows my mind how generations of cubs fans have waited for their beloved team to be champions or how millions of Americans held onto the hope that one day, they’ll see a person of color standing on the podium. That feeling of joy and disbelief must have been overwhelming as they stood frozen in that moment before becoming memorialized into history forever.

There are many things and events I would like to see happen in my lifetime: a larger global transition to renewable energy and resources, an independent Hong Kong, the 10-year concert reunion of SNSD, the ban on gun legislation in the US, the resurrection of MSN, afforadable housing in Vancouver, the reunification of North and South Korea, and the “Internet of Things”.

Some of these things will probably not happen in my lifetime, but if it ever does happen, I hope there will be people who will be as touched as me.

Sincerely, Loewe

1. Source


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