“Can we have the corn soup? And fried rice?”

This feeling, minus living at dorms because we were all poor.
This feeling, minus living at dorms because we were all poor.

Today’s daily prompt: Relish

I relish the moments when I realize I am growing up with good people.

Similar to a moment I wrote about in a previous post titled “We are our parents“, I recently had another revelation during a friend’s birthday party. This time, we were actually seated at a big circle table in a Chinese restaurant.

Eating at a circle table in a Chinese restaurant is what my parents do with their friends. They talk for hours while I play my gameboy or read a book. I used to hate those dinners, but now I’m at one myself and I am enjoying it as we clumsily order from the menu.

This group of friends and I attended university together. Most of are graduated or about to finish up our undergraduate degrees, so a lot of our conversations were about graduating, jobs, and moving out.

It’s really quite amazing if I think about how far we have come since our first-year days when most of us had no idea what we wanted to concentrate in. It feels like we’ve had our fill of the full university experience – being involved in clubs, going on exchange, working at a co-op, being a mentor, teaching a tutorial, and the list goes on. I am proud of all my friends – the things they’ve accomplished, the things we’ve done together.

I relish the act of looking back in retrospect. I enjoy seeing how each of us have grown from the person we were when we first met. It makes me realize how important these people are to me, and how big of a part they played in a chapter of my life that is about to (or has it already?) end.

It’s a nostalgic feeling – in a good way, and I think my soul thrives in it. It reminds me that I have a good life, good people, and good moments to think back to.

Sincerely, Loewe


To Loewe:

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