RIP My Sunflower

Today’s daily prompt: Vegetal

My mother and I both like plants and flowers, or at least, just the sight of them. Sadly, neither one of us is very good at keeping them alive.

I’m the co-worker you should not entrust with your desk plants while you go on vacation. It has a 90% probability of being dead or close to dying by the time you return. It also may be replaced with a new (perhaps even plastic) plant based on the level of my atonement.

So yes, if you must give me a plant, I suppose a small cute cactus will be the best way to go, but what I would love to have in my house or backyard are sunflowers.

My favourite flower is the sunflower, and you may have already guessed this from the logo of my blog. The sight of them cheers me up – the way they stand tall and straight or the way they turn to the sun.

One day, my mother’s friend gifted us with a sunflower (!!!), knowing that I like them a lot. It was so lovely, sitting in a pot. I couldn’t wait for it to grow as tall as me.

Days and weeks go by, and my beloved sunflower did not grow taller. In fact, it was drooping, the head turned down to the ground as if it was ashamed of something. My mother and I wasn’t sure what to do. We watered it! It got sunshine! It was perfectly fine and healthy when we received it! Why?

My sunflower looked so depressing and down that I got sad about it as well. Finally one day, my mother said this to me, “I heard if we cut it off, it’ll grow back again.”

And before I could stop her, she beheaded my sunflower.

This is what it looked like, except it never came back alive and started dancing.
This is what it looked like, except it never came back alive and started dancing.

A few more days passed and I couldn’t stand looking at the pot with just a stem sticking out. We disposed the stem and gave the pot back to my mother’s friend.

RIP my sunflower. I’m so sorry you were decapitated.

Sincerely, Loewe


5 thoughts on “RIP My Sunflower

  1. Wow, if we aren’t distant relatives. I love sunflowers and also have the Darth Vegetal gene.

    I actually bought a cactus as a last resort. Two weeks later it swelled. I touched it with an eraser and it split the entire height of the cactus. A greenish syrup oozed out and a deflated needlely balloon was all that remained.

    I didn’t even know a cactus cold do that. Google never understands my question and I’ve been too embarrassed to ask a human this whole time.

    At least I no longer feel alone.*sniffles* :(

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