“My fish was stressed.”

Today’s daily prompt: Fish

This summer, some of my friends became interested in fishing. Although fishing offered no charm to me, I enjoyed being there while they fished at local parks. I would bring a book and when they caught something, I would put it down to witness the event.

Funny things that have happened while I watch my friends fish:

  • A family gathers to watch my friend reel in a catch. The father is explaining to the son that my friend will now reel it back to shore, unhook it, and place it into the cooler. Instead, my friend wades into the water and grabs the fish with his bare hands.
  • The limit is two fish per person per day at the local park. My friend catches 4-5 and keeps them attached to a chain in the water, so he can choose the bigger ones at the end of the day and let the smaller ones free. He tries to set a little fish free – its body does not move as it slowly floats in the water, already dead. Sadly, my friend takes it back.
  • Friend #1 catches a fish, unhooks it, and smashes its head against a rock so it dies instantly. Friend #2 just puts it on the ground and lets it suffer and die. Later that night, both friends cook the fish. Friend #2’s fish tastes strangely bitter. Friend #2 tells me his fish was stressed at death and released particular hormones. We concluded his fish tasted bad because it was stressed.
  • Friend #2 tells friend #3 to reel his line back in for him because the fish got away. Friend #3 reels it in. Friend #3 catches a fish. We congratulate him for a random catch.
  • An old man is teaching my friend how to throw a line in a specific way. The old man accidentally hooks his line to my friend’s thumb. My friend is socially awkward and does not say anything. He just endures the pain.
  • My friend purchased a bell so it would ring if he caught something. It does not really work. We make fun of him.
  • A little boy riding a bicycle asks us how many fish we have caught today. My friend happily tells him that he has caught two so far. The boy says, “Not a very good day, is it?”

Sincerely, Loewe


To Loewe:

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