Thoughts: My Smell

Today’s daily prompt: Aromatic

What I’ve always found interesting is that we all have our own individual smells, but we’re unable to smell our own smell.

For example, when you go to your grandma’s house or when you sit in a friend’s car, there’s a distinct smell, but when we go inside our own house or our own car, we don’t smell anything. We can describe the smell of our grandma’s house – apple pies and fresh laundry – and our friend’s car – his dog under the mask of a minty air freshener – but we can’t describe our own.

It makes me wonder what I smell like.

Do I smell like my shampoo? My body wash? The perfume I use? The mints in my bag? Do I just smell like “Loewe’s house”? (What does that smell like too?)

The only time I’ve ever noticed my own smell is when I leave home for a long time. For example, when I went backpacking for a month and returned, I noticed that my house smells different, but I couldn’t pinpoint on how to describe it. It wasn’t the scent of vanilla mixed with cigarettes (Looking for Alaska) or the smell of the forest after a night of rain (one of my favourite smells). It just smelled like my house, my family, my stuff. And after a few more days, I couldn’t smell anything different anymore.

Someone told me that someone’s smell can smell good if you like them, which seems to make sense, but then I wonder if that means a smell can smell the same, but be received differently depending on who it is. Isn’t a bad smell just a bad smell, regardless of if you like the person or not? Or is that an incorrect assumption? (I assume there’s science about this somewhere on the Internet.)

So to this day, I still wonder what my smell is. I ask around when I remember this question, but often times, people just tell me that I just smell like me (which does not answer my question).

Well, I guess as long as I don’t smell bad everything is cool.

Sincerely, Loewe


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To Loewe:

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