Thoughts: Life Bowls

Today’s daily prompt: Sated

I believe that once someone gets everything they want, they’ll find something new to desire. Greed and ambition are things that never stop.

You can have twenty pairs of jeans but still want to buy another one. You can have a nice job, but then you think about how nice it would be if you got a promotion. You can think your husband is the best man in the world, but he’d be even better if he went to the gym more. Things like this means you’re not satiated, and it’s probably for the better that way.

It is important to be grateful and humble for everything in your life, but it’s equally important to have a drive for more. That’s how you succeed and get more out of life – you identify the areas you are not satisfied about and then you make efforts into filling those areas.

I have four life areas, or “life bowls” as I like to think of them as, that I always aim to fill: love, work, family/friends, and health. I tell myself that I have a limited amount of energy to pour into these bowls, so it is impossible for all four of these bowls to be filled to the rim. What I aim for is a balance.

For you, it may be two bowls, maybe seven. Some bowls may be bigger than others. Everyone has a different set of bowls, but it’s important to allocate your energy strategically so that none of them are empty. If you are fine with one of your life bowls being empty, you should probably remove it from your set completely.

What do I think happens if a set of life bowls somehow gets filled completely? I think the owner gets bored, and that is actually a type of torture to me.

Boredom is the worst. Having it all but not being happy about it seems like punishment instead. The real issue is that all the things and people you thought you wanted do not give you true fulfillment, so it’s really a huge waste of energy and resources into things and people that do not add value to your life. How sad is that, to realize that your life has no true value to your self, the person who is stuck in this life until death?

There have been points in my life where I felt content, but there were always bigger and brighter things I look forward to in the future. I think everybody needs that – a sense that tomorrow can always be better, no matter how great today is.

Sincerely, Loewe


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