Turning Points

Today’s daily prompt: Liminal

Growing up continuously showcases liminality, and this blog has been a documentation for me as I pass through each new stage.

When we were babies, our parents would make a big deal about each new development. We rolled over! We can crawl! We stood up! We’re walking! We can say, “Mama, Papa”! We can read! It’s our first day of school! We took the training wheels off the bicycle!

It’s interesting how nobody grows up all at once, but it can certainly feel like it. I wonder how much we grow up in a year, a month, a day. How much did I grow up from meeting a certain person? How much did I grow up from a particular experience? How many turning points did I have to come to where I am right now?

Was getting my first best friend a turning point? My first boyfriend? My first real job? Graduating high school? My first drink? Graduating university? How about when I first started blogging? Or photography? Hiking? Snowboarding? Aren’t these all an intermediate between two stages – a past me and a present me?

Some of my most important turning points have taught me some valuable lessons on myself, other people and the world:

These and many more insights have been published on this blog, a site that has since then expanded to many things, such as my portfolio and photography. I think in many ways, I am proud of myself for maintaining this blog. At the end of the day, I still blog for me, understanding that not everyone is here to read about my life. We are all growing up together, and if anything I have ever written resonates with you, then that is all I wish for you as one of my readers.

Sincerely, Loewe


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To Loewe:

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