Thoughts: Aspiring Teachers

Today’s daily prompt: Vigor

My coworker and I had a very interesting conversation about teachers and the education system here in BC, Canada. My coworker is one of the many aspiring teachers that I know of, and if a category exists for “aspiring teachers”, I would consider them as a segment with the most amount of vigor.

I do not want to be a teacher, but I greatly admire people who do because they are so passionate and keen on making a difference. The sad part is that I feel like many of these aspiring or new teachers lose that simply because of the system they must function in.

I’ve witnessed many teacher strikes in BC in the 17 years that I’ve been in school. I never fully understood – never really got interested enough to find out what the real issues and details are – but I always thought it was unfortunate that teaching is not a higher-up profession.

Teachers don’t get paid like doctors or specialists do (like in Scandinavian countries), and I understand the whole argument about how pay should not affect one’s decision to become a teacher, but it certainly shows a lack of value for people who have the power and opportunity to lead a better generation.

I know there are bad teachers everywhere. They don’t care about their students, their lessons are out-of-date or disengaging. The idea of the “lazy teacher” is real sometimes, and it’s unfortunate because it gets projected onto all the teachers who put in much more time and heart into their job, who really get to know their students, who really try to be the teacher they want to be.

If anything, it’s a negative-fuel circle. An ineffective system leads to ineffective people and the two fuel back into each other in a downwards spiral. It’s like a fight to the death to see which one will change first.

Qualities of aspiring teachers are everything we want teachers to be: driven, hopeful, caring, patient, understanding, and educated. My biggest fear for aspiring teachers is for them to wither away under a system that strips these qualities away.

Sincerely, Loewe


4 thoughts on “Thoughts: Aspiring Teachers

  1. So true. Teachers, like mother, are the creater of the the future of the entire generation. My sister is teaching Additional Mathematics and I have seen how hard working and passionate she is. Even on saturdays and sundays, the students from the school will come to get extra lessons (Free of charge). And she will be all excited and happy to see them learning. Hats off to the teachers like that! The schooling system should gave importance to these type of teachers. (Y)

  2. As an educator, I greatly appreciate your post. I have been an aspiring teacher for as long as I can remember. It helps that I am so thoroughly in love with educating young minds and teaching them how to write and dissect literature. You are right: many educators wither away under the “system”. It seems so ominous that word, but it’s as apt a word as there ever was for what education does become. We definitely need more supporters of educators like yourself. Without you and without our students, we surely would wither away under the systems searing gaze.

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