Thoughts: Stinky Tofu

Yesterday’s daily prompt: Pungent

Let me tell you about my mother’s favourite snack: stinky tofu.

For people who have never heard of it before, stinky tofu is a fermented tofu that is usually deep-fried and sold at street markets in Hong Kong, and it has a very strong and distinct odor. The smell is so horrid that I can’t even walk closer to the stall, nevertheless put it into my mouth.

I can’t imagine why anyone would want to eat it. A part of me believes that it must be insanely yummy for people to get over that smell. Another part of me believes that it would taste just like normal deep-fried tofu.

To this day, stinky tofu seems like such a mysterious phenomenom to me. I am always curious about it with intentions to try it out, but I back away last minute because it just smells so wrong. Perhaps the next time I go to Hong Kong, I’ll have enough guts to try it.

Sincerely, Loewe


To Loewe:

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