Thoughts: Fading

Today’s daily prompt: Faded

Many things fade away – photographs, jeans, writings on desks and bathroom walls. Even things we want to be permanent like tattoos fade over time and it makes me wonder if anything can ever really be permanent.

Feelings can fade. People can fade. Good memories we want to keep can fade. We don’t necessarily forget these feelings, people, or memories, but they are definitely no longer as bright or vibrant as they used to be.

When I think of “fade”, when I try to describe this feeling, it just makes me sad.

“Fade” is a sad word. It’s the feeling of something or someone slowly disappearing like mist. It’s a sense of being far away and detached. It makes me think of a giving up, a letting go of all feelings so you feel nothing at all, which is one of the saddest things that can happen to anyone.

I always tell myself that it’s better to feel something than nothing at all. In the times that I have given up on someone, I realized that not feeling angry at them wasn’t necessarily a good thing because I also no longer felt happy for them either. I felt nothing for them and that is how you lose people.

When you don’t care about someone, they fade away. Yes, the resentment fades too. Your anger and bitterness, your jealousy, all the ugly feelings we try not to let out vanish. That’s cool, but the good stuff about them fades away too. The ways they made you happy disappear or become less important. The things you like about them doesn’t seem so wonderful anymore. They don’t seem so wonderful anymore, and they probably feel the same towards you.

I like to think that every person I meet has a brightness to them, which is why we became closer in the first place. The fading of a person means they have become less bright to me, which all I can say to that is that it is unfortunate.

If we could constantly be bright for each other, how lovely would that be?

Sincerely, Loewe


4 thoughts on “Thoughts: Fading

  1. awe this is a sad post. But I know what you mean. It’s like the beginning of a relationship when everything is so bright and perfect. Eventually, that feeling fades to something softer and less vibrant

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