2016 Blog Recap: the best and missed

I write about a lot of things. If you’re subscribed to me, you’re either my friend in real life, or you enjoy one type of content I post, whether that be a book review or a personal thought flushed out. Some of you probably only subscribed to read that one type of content, only to realize that I am a little bit everywhere (horrible content strategy, I know).

I blog roughly once a week (aside from NaBloPoMo, where I blog every day for a month), and try to include new design projects every month or so. That accounts to approximately 74 blog posts and 12 design projects in one year. Out of these 86 items, what did you actually enjoy reading about?

Well, with my Wordpress’ superior analytic skills, this is the type of stuff you want me to write more about:

My top 5 most viewed posts of 2016: home page/portfolio/photography pages aside

  1. Thoughts: “Thank you” vs. “Sorry”: a post comparison between these two words and how our choices of when to use them can completely change the situation.
  2. Farewell University!: a post boding farewell to the last five years of my life – school is over (for now) and I have successfully completed my BBA.
  3. #FLEuro2016: Packing – Part 2: this was a few days before I left for my backpacking trip to Europe this summer. A useful post with my personal recommendations on what to pack and how to make sure they all fit in your backpack.
  4. My Birthday Speech: a very long and sentimental post to commemorate my 23rd birthday and all my wonderful friends. It’s totally okay if you don’t read it. Like actually, please don’t read it.
  5. “You have to stop wearing contacts”: just me being vain, pretty much.

And these are the things I thought you would all like more:

My top 5 missed posts of 2016:

  1. Dream Diagnosis: Escalator, Waterslide, Hole, and Goldfish: don’t you want to know what your dreams mean (without paying someone $40/hr)?
  2. #FLEuro2016 Recap: Part 8: there was a shooting in Munich during my stay, doesn’t that already sound interesting?
  3. My little sister likes purple: were you ever not “allowed” to like something because it “belonged” to your sibling?
  4. Books: Everything I Never Told You: this was my first five-star rating book review of 2016! Please read it (the book, I mean).
  5. Finding my Elementary School: don’t you just love reading about how places lose its magic when you grow up?

I mean I don’t know about you, but it looks like you guys like to read more about my personal tidbits (Really? Am I interesting?), but I don’t want to get ahead of myself here. Leave me a comment if you think I should write more about a certain topic!

Sincerely, Loewe

P.S. Also as a reply to Retrospective


4 thoughts on “2016 Blog Recap: the best and missed

  1. My favorite posts of yours are the personal ones and the ones on your thoughts. I really enjoyed your blogs through November for that reason. I’m not super interested in movie/book/travel recaps because they all remind me of reading an essay (not yours specifically but recaps and summaries in general – even food blogs).

    I like your writing style in general because it’s succinct. There are no unnecessary words and your prose is comfortable to read.

    Personally I’m most interested in the following topics:

    1. What’s in my bag.
    2. Morning/night routines.
    3. Shopping habits
    4. Food plans

    1. 1. This post is so you!! Would be great for IG as well since you have a nice white table space.
      2. lol my morning/night routine is basically put on/take off makeup and get out/get into bed
      3. Should we go shopping and do shopping haul posts :3
      4. Potatoes?

  2. Looks like you had a pretty great blogging year! My top 5 most viewed posts since I’ve started to blog has all been the non-bookish ones, which is probably telling me something, haha. (But really I think it’s just random passerbys that have found those posts via a search engine.) And then the next popular ones are for book reviews that I’ve given books 5 stars, which makes sense since I rarely give full marks.

    Anyway, I’m beginning to sort of digress.. Just wanted to pop by and say that I hope you have a safe and happy new year, Loewe. Cheers!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Yeah, sometimes I get surprised too when I look at my WordPress stats, but I’ve been slacking off on my reading list lately. I’ll be sure to make more time for it in the new year! Best wishes to you too.

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