Hobonichi: 2017 set-up

Hi, I'm a hobonichi noob and this setup costs $85 CAD.
Hi, I’m a hobonichi noob and this setup costs $85 CAD.

Last year for Christmas, my mother got me a hobonichi techo cousin. Now I find myself in the wonderful and expensive world of hobonichi.

For those who are not aware, Hobonichi is a Japanese company that sells stationary, centered around their famous planner, the hobonichi techo. The hobonichi techo has garnered a global fan base. Not only are entire blogs dedicated to this planner, but you can find Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, and Pinterest pages all focused on the Hobonichi1.

If you’re a planner addict like me, you’ll know that planners in general are not cheap. Although you can get a pretty decent one for $20 CAD, the really nice ones that come with customization and all the views (yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily) are usually around $50 CAD. To people who don’t use a planner, this is an atrocious price, but if you have a steady habit of writing in a journal regularly, then you will see the value in spending $50 on something you’ll write in every day for a year.

Until I get a cover, this hobonichi is not leaving my house. I’ve decided to use it more as a personal journal and planner than for work. For work, I will probably be continuing a bullet-journal log style since it is more task-focused and only requires a pen. So far, I’ve decided to set up my hobonichi as the following:

I’m pretty satisfied with how my daily pages are looking, but there will be more changes coming to the monthly and weekly spread. I’m still figuring out a system that works for me.

My current hobonichi supplies include the Prima watercolor confections classic, 3-sized pen brushes, and a rainbow set of washi tapes. Other supplies that I have ordered and are on their way are more washi tapes and a set of midliners. I’ll be using my Muji pens for writing. Currently, I’m in a hobonichi group on Facebook and I see people post a lot of cool craft supplies (washi tape… washi tape everywhere…). Their pencil cases also feature fancy fountain pens and a lot of stencils and ink stamps, which all seem very fun to collect and use.

I’m trying to keep my supplies at a minimum, mostly because of budget constraints, and also because I want my hobonichi to be more text and art focused. Even though it’s made with tomoe river paper, which is well-known for being super thin and resistent to bleeding and ghosting, I don’t want it to be bursting with layers of stickers and accessories, especially since the pages still get slightly wrinkled from watercolor.

Sincerely, Loewe

P.S. Follow my on Instagram @sincerelyloewe for more upcoming hobonichi inspiration :)


  1. https://www.penaddict.com/blog/2015/7/31/hobonichi-planner-review

4 thoughts on “Hobonichi: 2017 set-up

  1. I love how you design each planner page!! Your illustrations are so well done and I’m looking forward to more planner posts.

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