Who sits in your front seats?


Welcome back to another “Moment Spotlight”. Today’s story features my family, a 6-month baby, and my cousin’s husband, Wing.

Wing is his name, by the way.

Background story on Wing: our cousin is a flight attendant. Even though she lives in Hong Kong, we see her very often because of this. She first introduced Wing to our family over 12 years ago. I had to count the years just now because it feels like I’ve always known Wing.

My sister and I like Wing. One of my earliest memories with him was in his car. He and my cousin were sitting in the front and my sister and I were sticking our heads out of the sunroof as we belted out to songs into the summer air. We thought he was cool, not too old, and he let my sister ride on him when they played horse and he never complained (Poor Wing…).

Since those days, we’ve seen less of Wing because he and my cousin got married and moved to Hong Kong. This weekend, my family and I met up with him for a dinner since he was back in Vancouver. He brought his sister, who brought a cute lumpy human – her 6-month daughter!

My family loves babies – we love them! We think they smell good, we laugh and clap at everything they do, and we fight over who gets to hold the baby next.

As the dinner ended, my sister mentioned this: “It’ll be so weird to see the baby grow up.”

I asked her, “What do you mean? All babies grow up.”

She replied, “It’s the same for Wing. Can you imagine what he feels like now? He met us when he was eighteen.”

My eyes widened at this realization. Eighteen! But eighteen is so young! You could still be in high school. That was how old he was when we first met him? He didn’t seem like it! he seemed much older at the time – or was that simply because when you’re a kid, anyone over sixteen years old just feels so old?

My sister and I are now in our early twenties, with our own jobs and friends and boyfriends to keep us busy. We don’t play with hula hoops anymore or make people pretend to be horses. When my boyfriend picked my cousin up from her hotel last summer, I didn’t think it would be strange at all, but now that I think about it, she did keep mentioning how time has flown by. She must’ve felt nostalgic seeing my boyfriend and I in the front seats.

But since I didn’t look in the rear view mirror, I never noticed.

Sincerely, Loewe


4 thoughts on “Who sits in your front seats?

  1. This is such a beautifully written post. I have a son and he just turned three, time has flown by so quickly. One day he’s going to be married and have my grandchild over and I’ll have the same look that your cousin had.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Cathy! Yes, it is weird if I think about it. Sometimes we are so busy growing up by ourselves we forget that everyone else around us is growing older too.

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