Wishing for health


Every year I would wish for something different for my birthday. It started off with new toys, which then turned into wishes for new clothes or a trip to Disneyland. I wished for a boyfriend (or at least to find someone I’d really like) for a few years, and then switched to wishing things would stay the same after I found someone I loved.

This year for my 25th birthday, I wished for something I had never wished before and I think it’s going to remain as my wish every year from now on: I wish for everyone I care about to stay healthy.

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Teamwork makes the dream work.

My coworker announced he is going to be a new dad and that he is moving to a different company. We are all happy for him and sad for ourselves because he will no longer be working with us. This was his last week and although I haven’t worked with him for many years, I wanted to share a moment from our farewell lunch that touched me.

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Dog days are here


Hey happy dog year everybody, I don’t know about you but I’m glad the rooster year is finally over.

I enjoy reading my Chinese horoscope, and it looks like my career is going to get pretty lit this year (yay!) but everything else is kinda meh (especially health… literally sounds like I’m going to break all my bones and lose gallons of blood this year –  how lovely).

But hey, let’s focus on career life here for a moment.
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Thoughts: Social media is a lie – part II


Lately I’ve found myself constantly telling people that my social media is a lie.

Most of the time, I say it in a joking way since I don’t always share things in real time (e.g. if I post a photo of last month’s lobster dinner it doesn’t mean I ate it last night), but more and more I feel my social media portrays an inaccurate picture of what my life is currently like.

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