Vancouver Happy Hour Rankings 6-10

Since my first co-op two years ago, I’ve been addicted to happy hours. To me, it really is a time of happiness when work is done and I get to see my friends.

To make it onto my top 10 list, the happy hour menu must include food/appetizers. I find it more important than the drinks (just give me a beer and I’m happy). Here are rankings 10 to 6:

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Food: Dineout 2015

January wasn’t exactly the fitness-loving month for me because of Vancouver’s Dineout 2015. Dineout is a dining festival with over 250 participating restaurants in Vancouver. You can choose from a selection of $18, $28, or $38 menus, all of them featuring a 3-course meal. It’s a good excuse to try some of the fanciest restaurants in Vancouver or just a good reason to meet up with your friends and catch up. This year, I tried dine-out at 4 restaurants.

Miku Restaurant (01.16.)

Appetizer: ZEN- a selection of Aburi specialty items served in our traditional Japanese hinoki wood box
Main: Miku Signature Sushi
Dessert: Manjari Chocolate-Orange Cream

Comments: Delicious, large variety of different tasting sushi… not filling. Make sure you have plans to eat before or after if you don’t want to wake up hungry in the middle of the night.

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