#BEBeedie Summer Instagram Contest

Tools: Photoshop

Type: Graphic Design (Instagram)

Summary of the “Be Beedie” Instagram Challenge Proposal: The “Be Beedie” Instagram Challenge was a multi-platform contest that incorporated Beedie’s Instagram, Facebook page, and @SFUBeedieBBA Twitter account. The contest ran from June 1 to August 21 with a two-week time frame for each challenge. There were six challenges in total to align with Beedie BBA’s “Be More” branding: BEChallenged, BEEngaged, BEGlobal, BEInspired, and BEConnected.


  • Created a proposal and three month timeline for the Instagram contest; goals:
    • Increase engagement on Instagram (average likes/photo to reach 60 as measured by iconosquare)
    • Promote the Beedie brand (measured by number of #BEBeedie Instagram posts)
    • Promote @SFUBeedieBBA on Twitter (increase followers by 10%)
  • Created six announcement photos to be posted via SFU Beedie’s Instagram every two weeks and scheduled Facebook and Twitter posts to promote the contest throughout the summer
    • Updated halfway to align with “BE More” branding guidelines
  • Took advantage of user-generated content – three entries using the correct hashtags were “re-grammed” on SFU Beedie’s Instagram and the entry with the most likes after a one week “voting” period won a Beedie prize pack
  • Results:
    • Increased Instagram followers by 112.5%
    • 68 entries in total
    • 6 total winners, an average of 54.5 likes/pic

To Loewe:

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