CNY: Lucky Money

Tools: Indesign

Type: Print + Digital Screen

Process: Creatives as part of a Chinese New Year event for the G&F Brentwood branch. They plan to hand out red envelopes where every person who receives one can get $8, $88, or $888.

  • “Lucky Money  Card” (8 x 8 cm): drafted up 4-5 designs based off a copy. Re-designed the original “member card” design into a square card that features the Chinese New Year style with a G&F branding on the back. Renamed it as a “Lucky Money” card and rephrased “win” to be culturally respectful. New copy focused on the winning code as main incentive.
  • Re-created Chinese New Year patterns and designs on InDesign from scratch and reformatted to different creative pieces for promotional purposes – flyer (8.5 x 11″), sandwich board (24 x 36″), digital screen (16 x 9 ratio), email header (600 x 150 px).
  • Worked with the App Developer to design an online contest app where users can enter the code from the Lucky Money card and redeem money.

To Loewe:

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