Financial Literacy Month/Smart Money Plan

Tools: InDesign

Type: Social Media / Online Advertising


  • Created a set of online advertisements for Facebook, Twitter, and MediaNet for G&F’s Financial Literacy Month promotion under the approval of a design supervisor
    • Altered designs for different dimensions and platforms, adhering to guidelines and branding
    • Note: Medianet ads required file sizes to be
  • Key messages and actions:
    • Complete a Smart Money Check in-branch to receive a $5 Starbucks gift card
    • Take our Smart Money Quiz online
    • Complete either to get a better sense of where you stand financially to celebrate Financial Literacy Month
  • Also created and scheduled social media posts for the promotion via Hootsuite for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • Note: the FLM promotion was extended into December and renamed as a “Smart Money Plan” promotion, hence a different set of creatives is included in the set

To Loewe:

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